Development &
Project Management

We see opportunities
others miss.

Capitol Development and Project Management can provide to pre-approved clients a full turnkey service to its investment clients

This ensures that every step, from design development through to the assessment of the final progress claim, is accurately and professionally dealt with. Not only is the security of each project’s stakeholders protected, this service ensures that the development journey is an enjoyable and memorable experience for each client, who are safe in the knowledge that their investment is being looked after by the same dedicated team.

The team at Capitol meticulously manages each of property development from site identification and acquisition, feasibility and yield analysis, authority approval and design, sales and construction, all the way through to settlement and profit realisation. Through detailed programming, budgeting and administration, Capitol maintains constant control and responsibility over all aspects of its projects to ensure that the greatest possible outcomes are achieved.

Our Services include:

  • Development sourcing– Feasibility and development assessment
  • Site acquisition and transaction management
  • Development risk management and yield optimisation
  • Development budget management – forecast to actual
  • Development debt funding management and coordination
  • Strategic development planning and procurement
  • Coordination and management of the town planning and authority approvals process
  • Appointment and management of the consultant team for design and delivery of developments
  • Design management and coordination
  • Coordination and management of sales and marketing activities for the development including;
  • Development of sales and marketing strategies
  • Sales contract administration
  • Creative and production of marketing collateral
  • Procurement and management of the construction works, including;
  • Coordination of tendering of works
  • Appointing contractors to undertake works
  • Managing and coordinating contract administration of construction contracts
  • Project and construction management of contractors works
  • Coordination and management of the completion of works, creation of titles, and calling settlements on presales
  • Coordination and management of settlement processes, including repayment of development finance and distribution of profits to investors, and
  • General financial accounting for development special purpose vehicles (SPVs).