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We see opportunities
others miss.

Capitol Property Group Pty Ltd (CPG)

Our property development division operates throughout Australia, with an emphasis on residential land sub-divisions, new homes, apartments, commercial and mixed use developments.

Capitol is a company of security, substance and ambition, with a strong focus on delivering high quality sustainable developments on time, on budget, and that exceed the expectations of its stakeholders. Capitol boasts the industry’s finest people and shares an international level of financial strength and a rare reputation of absolute trust.

Capitol is committed to positive outcomes through pragmatic and thorough financial and commercial scrutiny. Our point of difference is our integrated business model which enables us to bring a range of skills and services to any development or acquisition opportunity. This holistic and multidisciplinary approach allows us to offer our stakeholders a complete turnkey management approach, from project selection, acquisition, funding, through to project delivery, sales and settlement. CPG has established systems to accurately manage all development and project activities. This universal capability provides security and comfort to all stakeholders within the group.

A vision of ambition and trust

By drawing on both its local knowledge and global resources, Capitol is able to offer real value and genuine insight to each development to ensure an optimum outcome. We not only deliver our projects on time and on budget – our vision is to always exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.In doing so we are not only building impressive developments now and for the future; we are creating sustainable investment returns for our stakeholders.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Living

We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously. We always consider the impact of our projects upon communities and the environment, which is why we ensure that on every project we meet the standard and best practice of our industry.

Investor Services

Capitol Property Group are able to offer pre-approved Clients the opportunity to invest through its associated entity’s Investment Fund “Investors Direct Fund Management” (IDFM) which delivers superior returns on investments across the Australian metropolitan residential property market. The closed fund is only on offer to approved international and Australian investors.